Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Dumping down in South America!

Portillo, Chile today.
Portillo (Chile) got 25 inches in 24 hours- dude where's my car?

Snow is continuing to fall in South America after over 200cm in some places last week!
Chile and Argentina were inundated with snow last week, weather men said that it may this may have been the largest storm to hit central Chile in the past 5 years.
This good for central Chile which has suffered from many droughts over the last few years.
Originally, central Chile had 19-feet of snow forecast in 4 days last week!
Nubes today.
View from the Nubes chairlift at Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina.

It was reported that a spectacular day of powder skiing was to be had on Monday at  Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina.
Of course this amount of snow help's to fill in rocky features, creating new airs and hits all over the mountain, and it's always to nice to have that extra cushioning on any landing especially when it goes wrong! Although it has to be said putting ski's back on in deep powder and even finding skis can be an extreme challenge. On these occasions it's useful to have a powder trace on your skis to help locate them when they have nose dived into deep snow.
How often do we see people having this problem in the Alps!

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