Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Would you swap the French Alps for skiing in Dubai?

Plans have been announced in Dubai to build the World's longest indoor ski slope as part of the Meydan One project which will also include a shopping mall, residential tower and five-star hotel.
It's not the first indoor ski slope in Dubai and will be located approximately 15 km's from Ski Dubai which is 400m long and was opened in 2005, the indoor ski resort which features the world's first indoor black run as part of the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world.
Meydan One Ski slop
Meydan One's futuristic indoor ski slope 
The 1.2km slope will be the world's longest such indoor facility, beating Germany's AlpinCenter in Bottrop which is 640m.
However, this is not the only the record the Meydan One project plans' to break;
  • Dubai One tower- will have the highest observation deck at 655m and highest sky restaurant at 675 metres when built as well being the tallest residential tower.
  • Dancing fountain- expected  to be the world’s largest at more than 420 metres in length.
Meydan One artist
Overview of the project
The project also includes the Meydan Arena at the base of the ski slope, it will seat up to 8,000 people. It will host sporting events, live concerts and theatrical shows. Some of the outdoor sport options include football pitches, mountain biking, walking and running trails, a skateboard park and a BMX park.

Swap the French Alps for Dubai?

So hands up, who will be swapping their Ski trip to the Alp's for a glitzy ski vacation on Dubai's slippery slopes? I thought not!
But it does have it's advantages; no more worrying about the prospect of a white-out day, and with a man made climate there's no fears about a good snow base when you arrive.
On the other hand there definitely wont be the excitement of a powder day, and backcountry skiing doesn't exist.
Having said that it's hard to deny that if you are a resident in Dubai it would be an extremely exciting prospect, and just sometimes lots of money can make anything possible, even skiing in the desert!

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